Monday, February 21, 2011

February 21, 2011

Yaz-- Bad Connection
Stars-- My Radio (AM Mix)
Directorsound-- Fanfare for your Museum of Choice
Banjo or Freakout-- Can't be Mad for Nothing
XTC-- Love at First Sight
Of Montreal-- Godly Intersex
Bruce Haack-- Snow Job
Ween-- Happy Colored Marbles
The Blow-- By Strategy (Strata Club Remix)
Joel-- Plaskett-- Unconditional Love
Kinsman Dazz-- Dazzberry Jam
Pizzicato Five-- Baby Love Child
Air-- You can Tell it to Everybody
The Pixies-- Alec Eiffel
Orange Juice-- What Presence?!
Hype Williams-- Blue Dream
Robert Wyatt-- Shrikrap
Goblin-- Markos
Cold Cave-- Life Magazine (Arthur Baker Remix)
Why?-- Pantone Cyan
The Go! Team-- Secretary Song
Brian Eno/ John Cale-- Lay My Love
Cloudland Canyon-- Gracious Hearts
Joy Division-- Atrocity Exhibition
Bjork-- An Echo. A Stain
Throbbing Gristle-- Hot on the Heels of Love
Junior Boys-- Bits & Pieces

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